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Terms of Service

Welcome to Poket Univ!

The terms and conditions claimed in this document apply to your use of Poket Univ. In order to create an account and use Poket Univ, you will need to agree to our Terms of Service.

What we offer

Poket Univ's main purpose is to provide a platform that allows college/university students to enjoy a more connected and productive student life. Poket Univ agrees to offer you our Service. Our Service refers to the functions of the App and the platform itself. Our Service is mainly made up of the following aspects :

- A schedule that allows you to be able to simply add your classes

- Class group chats created according to your schedule

- A Q&A space to ask other peers for school help

- A school-based community with various discussion boards

In return for our commitment to provide our Service, it is required to follow the terms below.

What we expect from our users

※ You must be a college/university student.

※ You should not be partially prohibited from our Service in accordance with the applicable laws of your region.

※ You should not have been deactivated in the past due to violations of the law or Poket Univ's policy and guidelines.

※ You must not be convicted of sex crimes nor any other socially unacceptable crimes.

※ Poket Univ does not acquire all of your personal information, but when requested you must provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Prohibitions of using Poket Univ

※ Do not violate these terms.

※ Do not impersonate or provide inaccurate information to others. Also, you cannot impersonate anyone other than yourself and create an account under someone else's name without their explicit permission.

※ Do not engage in any illegal, misleading, fraudulent, or unauthorized purposes in our App.

※ Do not help or encourage others to violate our terms and policies.

※ Do not do anything that interferes with the operation of our Service.

※ Do not create an account, access information, or collect information in unauthorized ways. This includes creating accounts or collecting information in an automated manner without our explicit permission.

※ Do not purchase, sell, or transfer any part part of your account (including your username), or attempt to request, collect, or use other users' login information.

※ Do not post personal or confidential information or violate the rights of others, including intellectual property.

※ Do not use a domain name or URL for your username without our prior written consent.

※ Do not modify, translate, create derivative works of, or reverse engineer our products or their components.

Permissions that you are giving us by installing and using the App

※ By using Poket Univ, you are granting us a license to use your content, yet not claiming ownership.

※ By using Poket Univ, you are giving us permission to use your username, school name, major name, gender information, and other information you provide us with ads and sponsored content.

※ By using Poket Univ, you agree that we can download and install an update on the Poket Univ service on your device.

You can learn more of how we use your information by reviewing our Privacy Policy.

Confidentiality Agreements

※ Do not disclose Poket Univ content or user-generated content through screenshots, copies, etc. If such disclosure occurs, a five-year restriction on access to our Service may be imposed. If you find disclosure of a post or comment online, please let us know at contact@poketuniv.com.

※ The user is responsible for civil and criminal liability and compensation for damages caused by the disclosure of posts.

Report System

※ Do not violate our policies and guidelines, write false information, commit defamation, or any other infringement of rights. You can receive reports from other users and will be responsible for any damage and restrictions caused by accumulated reports.

※ All posts are processed through a report processing system. If you find any posts, announcements, comments, questions, or any other content that you believe is against our rules, please press the report button to report them.

※ An accumulation of three reports can result in removal of the content and a temporary ban on our Service.

※ Reported content may be temporarily saved for processing.

Community Guidelines

Any function that deals with communication and posting user-generated content must follow our Community Guidelines.

Poket Univ Rights and Responsibility

※ User-generated content can be deleted if they are judged to be a violation of our Terms of Service, our Community Guidelines, or if required to do so by law.

※ Poket Univ does not govern users and their words and is not responsible for their (or your) actions or content. Additionally, we are not responsible for the services and functions provided by other people or companies that are accessed through our App.

※ Any claim or dispute between users is out of our responsibility and will need to be dealt according to the laws of the country in which the claim or dispute occurs.

※ We are not responsible for any lost information, data, profits, direct or indirect damages in our Service.

Updating these Terms

We may update our Service and policies which can result in changes and modifications of the Terms of Service. If you do not want to agree to any changes or modifications to the terms, you can delete your account.

Revised: July 21, 2021