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Community Guidelines

1. Introduction

The Poket Univ Community is a space created to provide helpful information and sound exchanges for all college students. To maintain and foster this space, we have established the Community Guidelines, and we ask all users to follow these guidelines.

This document sets out the necessary rules for using our community. The Poket Univ Team is committed to the safety and integrity of this community and will handle issues and wrongdoings according to the Community Guidelines. Overstepping these boundaries may result in deleted posts/comments, suspension of use, and even withdrawal of use.

2. Our Operation

With dedicated personnel, we work hard to maintain a safe and sound environment for our users. Any content that does not abide by the guidelines can be deleted. Users can be suspended or banned when violating our rules. All judgements for such decisions will go through careful consideration and will be judged according to the guidelines. Reported content will also go through the same judgement process in order to maintain legitimacy and to prevent unfair suspension. Specific details on how we deal with reports are explained below.

3. Prohibited Actions and Content

Our community aims to create a space where college students can freely interact with other students in a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, users must not post or comment any content that falls into the following :

    I. Inappropriate sexual content :
  • (i) Content that directly or indirectly associates pornography
  • (ii) Excessive words and expressions related to sex
  • (iii) The direct portrayal of a particular object as an object of sexual entertainment
  • (iv) Acts or expressions that may constitute sexual harassment
  • (v) Socially unacceptable acts that involve sharing, arranging, and selling sexual services or content
  • (vi) Any sexual content that may seem controversial
    II. Acts that undermine socially prohibited matters and social order :
  • (i) Activities that encourage gambling
  • (ii) Promotion of other communities or group chats related to cryptocurrency, stocks, etc.
  • (iii) Acts that demean socially marginalized groups such as the disabled and the elderly
  • (iv) All other acts deemed likely to undermine social order
    III. Repulsive content :
  • (i) Realistic expressions of filth, body secretions, etc.
  • (ii) Animal abuse and animal cruelty, including posting pictures of animal carcasses, animal filth, etc.
  • (iii) All content that may generally cause disgust and discomfort to other users
    IV. Demeaning other people or specific groups :
  • (i) Posting photos of another person or organization without permission
  • (ii) All content that may offend the other party
    V. Controversial content : (Politics, religion, gender issues, etc. are topics that should be respected, but can be controversial at the same time.)
  • (i) Supporting or criticizing certain political parties and politicians, expressing strong political opinions, and encouraging controversy
  • (ii) Supporting and criticizing certain religions, expressing strong religious opinions, and encouraging controversy
  • (iii) All content that are likely to cause conflict between genders
  • (iv) All content that are deemed to have been intentional to induce other controversies
    VI. Acts that violate the fairness and integrity of elections :
  • (i) Supporting, slandering, or encouraging votes for specific political parties and candidates
  • (ii) Driving public opinion in certain political directions
  • (iii) Promotion of clubs, groups, societies, and similar activities directly or indirectly related to a specific political party
    VII. Promotion of other web/mobile application services :
  • (i) Promotion of similar platforms to Poket Univ
  • (ii) Conducting publicity for personal profit
  • (iii) Promotional posts that are not posted on the Promotion Board
  • (iv) All content that may cause inconvenience due to excessive publicity
    VIII. Abnormal use of services :
  • (i) Using another user's account
  • (ii) Impersonating a Poket Univ Team member and exercising their authority
  • (iii) Abuse of the reporting system and excessive reporting of acceptable content
  • (iv) All content with ambiguous intentions that may cause discomfort
    IX. Abnormal behavior :
  • (i) Posting the same article or comment repeatedly
  • (ii) Acts that cause inconvenience by posting multiple meaningless posts within a short period
    X. Content that slanders or ridicules a particular school/department :
  • (i) Words and actions such as disregard, neglect, verbal abuse, slander of a particular school/department
  • (ii) Any act that may cause misunderstanding such as slander through expressions or photos that can be reminiscent of a specific school/department
  • (iii) Any act of ignoring or slandering any school through comparisons between schools and departments
    XI. Impersonating a specific school/department or providing inaccurate information :
  • (i) Posting content that falsely mentions specific school/department information
  • (ii) Impersonating a specific identity based on school/department information
    XII. Matters that interfere with the operation of Poket Univ's services :
  • (i) Acts that induce departure from the Poket Univ platform
  • (ii) Acts that slander Poket Univ
  • (iii) Referring to other platforms and comparing them to Poket Univ
  • (iv) Spreading false information about Poket Univ
    XIII. Other :
  • (i) All content received through user reports that are deemed inconsistent with the direction and goal of the Poket Univ community (incitement of controversy, incitement of dispute, and inconvenience to other users due to firm claims of specific views)
  • (ii) All content that have not been reported but are considered to be inconsistent with the direction and goal of the Poket Univ community

4. Restrictions

Posts/comments that violate the Community Guidelines can be deleted or moved.

Users that violate the guidelines may be subject to the following sanctions, depending on the degree and severity of the violation :

(i) We may delete your posts/comments.

(ii) We may restrict your access to the community for a certain amount of time.

(iii) We may suspend your account for a certain amount of time.

(iv) We may permanently ban your account.

The Poket Univ team can delete posts/comments that violate our rules without user reports.

If we find that the post does not fit the purpose of the board, we may move the post to a board suitable for the post. (Ex. If there is a post promoting an event on the Open Board, we may move the post to the Promotion Board.)

Sanctions for policy violations will be notified through individual notifications within the app. If you have any questions regarding the sanctions, please contact contact@poketuniv.com.

5. Reports

Users can report posts that violate the Community Guidelines, portray false information, defame others, cause any infringements of others' rights, or cause any other inconveniences. Reports are monitored 24 hours a day, and if multiple reports are accumulated, the reported users may be subject to sanctions depending on the degree and severity of violations.

All posts are processed through a report processing system based on the user's report. If you find any posts or comments that you believe are against the guidelines, please press the Report button to submit a report.

  • · Reported content may be temporarily saved in order to proceed with any further sanctions.
  • · Reported content may be deleted.
  • · Suspension of use may be implemented depending on the severity of the violation.
  • · Users who post content that are completely unacceptable to society can be immediately banned without warning and will be unable to join our community again.

6. Please Read

The Poket Univ community is a space created for healthy exchanges, mutual respect, and positive interaction among college students. Individual thoughts, freedom of expression, and heated discussions should be respected. However, our team will take action within reasonable standards when violations occur.

The Poket Univ team plans to communicate with users continuously. Please feel free to contact us at 'contact@poketuniv.com' if you have any issues or suggestions about the community and platform as a whole. Thank you.

Poket Univ

This document was last updated on July 10, 2021.